10 May 2006

Biae Tahuku, Hiva Oa

  • Biae Taha Uku
We are back in Hiva Oa after a 50 mile sail down from Fatu Hiva. Our friend Ken sailed along side us on the Panache. We left the "Bay of Virgins" at 8am and was able to sail for half of the trip. We motored the other half, as the wind kept changing direction, and we were hit by a couple of squalls.

The main reason we are back here is since we checked into customs here, we have to check out before we go to the Northern Islands.

We did get to eat at my favorite place in Polynesia that is just down the road from the anchorage... Snack Tahuku!! They have large ice cold Hinano beers and good food for a reasonable price. This is the same place that sold us the 50 pounds of bananas last week. Their main dishes are chow mien and curry. Mmmmmmmm.

We arrived late yesterday afternoon and are leaving first thing tomorrow morning. We are just here long enough to clear customs, get fuel, water, food,and laundry. The boat looks like a gypsy camp as we have to hand wash our clothes ashore at the dinghy landing. Then we bring all the wet clothes back to hang all over to boat to dry. Quite a site.

We are heading back to an anchorage that we missed on Tahuata Island, just a 10 mile run. Then from there we are heading north to Ua Pou.

Lots of good drama this afternoon as large swells are rolling through the anchorage. Several of the boats are anchored right off the beach. So we got to watch swells, that were just about to break, knock all over the boats that were too close to the beach. Three of the boats tangled up their anchors and could not move away from the beach until all the boats got untangled. That took most the day, with lots of yelling. Not mention that all the men of the foreign boats are all in Speedos.

Ever see the movie "The 'Burbs" where the kids sit on the porch watching all their neighbors? That's what life in the anchorage is like. All kinds of good drama to watch every day. Just grab a beer, sit back, and watch the show!!

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