26 April 2006

Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

  • Biae Taha Uku
Amy's mother, Pat, relayed this message from Tom & Amy to the blog.
Amy just called my office. She and Tom asked if I'd send a message to post to the blog. They are having some sail mail difficulty and didn't know how soon they could do an entry. But they wanted to let everyone know they arrived safely early yesterday morning. Amy said "The anchorage is great. The country beautiful and very green. And it smells wonderful". I personally think that after being on a sailboat continuously for almost a month, it would smell wonderful! She said that everyone was very friendly, and they were greeted with bananas and other fruit.

She had true sea legs while walking around yesterday, but appears to be steadier today. Time difference is 5 1/2 hours behind the US east coast. I guess the Marquesas have a crazy 1/2 our difference??
[Note from Ron: Click here for current time in Hiva Oa]

They were doing the official check in this morning, and having some work done on the fuel pump. They were very excited about the next step on their great adventure.

One more item... Amy got her ice cream yesterday!

If I hear anymore I'll let you know. Hopefully the sail mail will be working soon. They weren't sure what was going on with it.


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