20 April 2006

20-April-2006 Position

  • 20-Apr-2006 Noon
  • 120nm made good last 24 hours
  • 2458 Miles from Z-town
  • 726 Miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
  • SE 25knots wind, squalls with gusts to 35 knots
  • 10ft swell
  • making 6 knots, sailed last 24 hours
Today is squall day. So far we have been hit by three and we can see more on the horizon. They don't last long. Nor do they bring a lot of rain. But the winds sure do pick up… over 30 knots. It is kind of humorous because we can see them coming. We look at each other and say "Should we reef? Should we bring in the jib?" Before we know it, the boat is leaning over, the winds have kicked up, and it is too late to do either. Oh well. We make good speed, which gets us closer to the Marquesas.

Since crossing the equator we have had lots of wind. When listening to the net last week at the other boats, I thought it was just that week. But it seems there are some pretty big winds down here.

Tom thinks we should be pulling in next Wednesday or Thursday... I sure hope so! I hope they have an ice cream store too!

Amy and Tom

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