14 April 2006

14-Apr-2006 Position

  • 14-Apr-2006 Noon
  • 141nm made good last 24 hours
  • 1779 Miles from Z-town
  • 1441 Miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
  • E 25 knots wind, 3ft NE swell.
By far our best 24hr run under sail. We have picked up speed as we are now able to use our jib since we now have wind right off the port side. We have averaged 7-8 knots all day. We slowed down during the middle of the night when we had to take in the jib due to squalls.

We have been out more than two weeks now and are more than half way there! We are at the point where we are the farthest from land that you can get to anywhere in the world.

What do we do all day you ask? Today, since the boat was driving itself along so well, we watched movies in the aft cabin. Kind of weird to be laying down watching movies, then popping your head out and realizing you are in the middle of the ocean.

Tom and Amy

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