31 March 2006


16'47.1N 103'12.0W
  • 31-Mar-2006
123 nautical miles made good last 24 hours.

Left Z-town yesterday morning and had a rare southerly wind that we were able to catch for a good sail till evening when the winds died out and we motor-sailed till sunrise when the wind came up to 20 knots from the North giving us a good 5 knots all afternoon!

Only mishap is the engine cooling impeller destroyed itself and had to put in a new one. Lots of fun when the boats rolling around and the pump has 8 tiny screws that want to escape into the bidge.

Amy made some homemade coleslaw and fish sticks for dinner. Yummy! We did not expect to sail this soon, as the winds are not supposed to pick up till we are about 400 miles out. So good for us and hope the winds hold!!

Tom and Amy

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