24 December 2005

Merry Christmas from Paradise Village

20’41.4N 105’17.5W
  • Paradise Village

Greetings All! Sorry it’s been so long since our last entry but Tom and I have been doing some serious relaxing. We pulled into Paradise Village December 15, tied up the boat, put on our suits and we’ve been at the pool ever since. Paradise Village is a large resort with a marina. All marina guests get to use all resort facilities so we’ve been busy figuring out which pool or hot tub we like best. They have all sorts of activities throughout the day that I’ve been taking advantage of; pool side bingo, water aerobics, water slides, silly pool games, tequila volleyball and of course people watching. There’s a Yacht club too, which also has activities(bead class, dominos) and special dinners every night of the week.

The 17th was Tom’s birthday so our friends from Voyager came over, we hung out by the pools and then took a dinghy ride up the river to a great restaurant, ‘Fajita Republic’. Then on the 18th the Yacht club had a Christmas fundraiser spaghetti dinner for an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta.

We’ve been into Puerto Vallarta twice since being here, just window-shopping and checking out a few happy hours. It’s not as crazy here with people trying to harass you for time share so walking in town is enjoyable.

Our next couple of weeks should be quite busy. My dad comes in today through the 28th. Our Ha-Ha crewmember George and his girlfriend Jen will be here the 28th through the New Year. Tom’s friend Chris will be arriving the first through the 11th, Toni, Tom’s mom will be here the 3rd through 8th and my friend Johanna will be arriving the 6th to the 12th. Everyone wants to come visit when you are staying in Paradise. We check out here the 15th of January and have scheduled a haul out to do some small projects on the bottom.

As far as plans after that we are still not sure? We have decided that we will not be going up north to the Sea of Cortez for hurricane season we are either going to continue south or west. At first I was dead set against the South Pacific but it sounds like some good sailing. We will keep you all posted as to what we’ve decided and where you can visit us next.

Oh ya, when we got here our boat neighbor in Oakland Tom, was here on a different boat and they happened to have an extra SSB radio so we will be back in business before we leave Paradise.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love to all,
Amy & Tom

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