26 October 2005

San Diego

32'43.6"n 117'12.9"w
  • San Diego
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We left Avalon at 2:30am for our last California stop, San Diego. I was down for a nap at around 5am till 7am, then Tom went down for a few. We saw lots of dolphins today, at least 100. Totally cool because they would swim with the boat for awhile.

Tom rigged up his trolling line and mid afternoon we caught a fish! It turned out to be a 3ft long, 30lbs, shark! We would have taken photos except Tom broke the camera back in Marina Del Rey so you'll just have to believe all our stories.

We pulled into our last stop before Mexico at around 4pm. We're staying at the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center at the Point Loma Naval Base. I know what your thinking, but we get it for $10 a night. While coming down the cost I called every Yacht club and marina in San Diego and was quoted $100 a night for a slip. Forget about it! So, Tom played his retired military card and here we are. It's a small marina, 20 slips, but it's convientley located. It isn't costing us a fortune. And we aren't anchored out somewhere.

The next few days will be full of laundry, grocery shopping, fixing the camera, Mexico fishing license, visas and preparing for our Baja Ha Ha trip.

Love to all,
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RisingSlowly said...

I'll be following your voyage from now on.
Fair winds,

Anonymous said...

We are so envious! We'll meet up with you guys someday. Sandpiper looks fabulous. We miss our old boat. You've done wonders with it, everything we dreamed of and more! -Julie and Matt