10 October 2005

Port San Luis

35' 21".76N 120' 51".16W
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We left Morro Bay this morning after topping off the fuel tanks and followed our friends Ian & Heidi on their boat to Port San Luis, which is 20 miles south of Morro Bay. We got to see some whales at a distance on our way out and lots of sea lions all over jumping out of the water to check us out. No sailing today as no wind, so 4 hours of motoring and now anchored right off the beach and wharf till tomorrow morning.

This is the last stop before Point Conception which is about 60 miles from here and is known for is strong wind and seas, we have been watching the weather very closely and this is the best day for us to go. Point Conception is known as the "horn" of California and all the boats we are with are transiting on the same day.

There is not much here at Port San Luis, they have a hot springs here, but trying to get ashore and back is time consuming so we will be staying aboard tonight and leaving early in the morning.


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