01 January 2005

Buy Us A Beer!!!

Being a follower of Team Sandpiper you know that we have battled high seas, winds, storms, night squalls, floating pumice, pirate infested waters and sometimes a smelly head!!!!!!

What we look forward too more than a set anchor when in port, is an icy cold beer!

If you want to buy us the next round then feel free to hit this button.

Although not tax deductible, a toast will be made in your name. And if you include a name & mailing address, then a post card might make its way to your mail box.

Tom & Amy, S/V Sandpiper

1 comment:

Mok SW said...

Hi Tom.....sorry that I missed out on the appt yesterday. My meeting went all the way past 5pm and there is no way that I can get in touch with you. BTW, the 3 singers from the bar at sebana are not Malaysians. They are from Philipines. Anyway, it is great to meet you and Amy and your sailors friends. Good trip and be safe.....beers on me when we meet somewhere>>>>